Ecumenical Outreach

We are involved in a number of ecumenical links with other local churches, and also more widely (see foot of page). Our charitable obligation is, under Scots law, registered as the advancement of religion; we take the view that you can't claim to work for a person's soul unless you are also prepared to work for their physical well-being.

Linlithgow Church Forum

St Peter's was a founder member of this lay group, in which it still actively participates. The four other churches connected with the Church Forum are those listed at the top of the page of local churches. Joint ecumenical events are organised (eg World Day of Prayer, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity), and others encouraged and supported - most particularly, ecumenical events during Advent and the series of services throughout Holy Week. There is an annual inter-church dinner, and a joint Easter card, distributed through the Forum to all homes in Linlithgow. For more information, see the Forum's website or contact St Peter's current representative.

A weekly cycle of prayer for Linlithgow's communities is produced annually, or if appropriate more frequently; please download for yourself a copy of the current prayer leaflet.

Linlithgow Ministers' Fellowship

St Peter's enjoys good relationships with the other churches in town, and shared ecumenical services are organised at Christmas and in Holy Week. Ecumenical Lent Groups are offered, and such possibilities as joint reading groups and other events remain under consideration.

LYPP - Linlithgow Young People's Project

St Peter's was involved at the beginning of this project, and we continue to be involved, not least through our members on the managing committee. LYPP contributes positively to the lives of Linlithgow's young people, with an after-school club and many other activities. LYPP's leaders have worked hard towards a grant-funded and self-sustaining financial base, although the larger churches in the burgh continue to contribute significantly to the funding. If you feel able to help, or want more information, see the LYPP website.

... And More Widely

Initially through a member of our congregation, we are delighted to have been in contact with the local teams constructing new or replacement churches in Uganda.

The first contact was with St Barnabus Church at Amocal (Ibuje-Apach), a congregation which is now remote from us but in a continuing link with a church in Southampton.

Since 2008 we have been more closely involved with the refurbishment of a war-destroyed hospital in the northern town of Lira, and in particular with the creation of a church for the hospital. All credit to congregational member David Olwa, a native of Uganda, who did so much to foster this! It is good to be able to say that St Luke's Church, Lira Regional referral Hospital is now a thriving reality - and the thread of our love and contact with them continues.

And we should also refer to our ongoing association with the ASHI charity which works in particular for the provision of clean water, especially in northern Uganda.

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