Contact with St Barnabas',
Amocal, Ibuje-Apach, Uganda

Initially through a member of our congregation, we were delighted in 2005 to be in contact with the local team constructing a new church in Uganda.


At Amocal, Ibuje-Apach, the new church of St Barnabas is gradually taking shape. The two pictures, received at Easter 2006, show the progress being made. One picture shows that the roof had by then been put in place:

St Barnabas' building

whilst the other shows some of those involved in the achievement:

St Barnabas' team

(from the right) Charles Okelo (chairperson of the building committee) with the Deacon, together with the Deacon's wife and their children.

For St Peter's this was a contact of relatively short duration. But it is good to know that St Barnabas' is establishing a more enduring link, with the church of St Anne's at Totton, on the outskirts of Southampton.


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