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Rector: Vacant

Please direct any business-oriented material as indicated below.

Our Rector is normally the first and principal contact for all aspects of pastoral care, but obviously during a vacancy other arrangements have to apply. Unless and until our Bishop appoints an interim rector or similar, our near neighbour Very Rev Jim Mein has (from 15 May, when he returns from leave) kindly agreed to provide pastoral cover; any in need are invited to contact him by way of his home phone (01506 834317) or by email

Rev Jim has a long experience of St Peter's, having himself been Interim Priest-in-Charge here forty and more years ago; he was the driving force behind the refurbishment of the church in the late 1970's.

Should you be unable to contact him, then please contact our Secretary (details below) who is also the current convenor of our pastoral group.

Local Organisation

If you have questions more concerned with the local organisation of the church (including bookings, covered below), please contact as seems more appropriate one of

Church Notices: Judy Goldfinch

Church Secretary: Jane Ramsay

Church Treasurer: John Aitken

Sunday School Organiser: Clare Wakefield

Church Bookings: Anne Moir

For all queries, please, relating to booking or use of the church building and/or extension

A more detailed list - probably more useful as a reference for those already involved with the church - is available here.

Church building

You can find us each Sunday morning at

Saint Peter's Scottish Episcopal Church
153 High Street
West Lothian
EH49 7EJ

For a map, see the how to find us page.

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whom failing, contact Church Secretary
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