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Corona Virus Restrictions

St Peter's Church continues in use for public worship, though on a somewhat restricted basis, to comply with covid regulations. The Sunday service also remains available by Zoom, as do certain other meetings and acts of worship.

More detailed information (including sadly about the usual need to pre-book a place, at least on Sunday) is available from our page.

For those still wishing to shelter and without a computer, or who lack reasonable web access, it is possible to access zoomed services by telephone. But be sure you use a UK telephone link and not an American one! If you need advice on this, feel free to contact the webmaster.

All these arrangements, are of course to reduce the risk of infection and support the continuing national effort to combat the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

That introduction behind us, welcome to our web site; and welcome in due course - but reasonably soon, we hope - to our full range of services and to membership of our community, whether you are here as a resident of Linlithgow or whether you come as a visitor. On Sunday mornings our Eucharist (zoomed live from church) is at 09:30.

St Peter's is part of the world-wide Anglican Church - part of a very distinct Scottish tradition, but in full communion with the Church of England.

Our church is open to all - we welcome everyone, both for worship and for our various social events. We take a liberal stance on all issues and try never to turn anybody away.

In our congregation, we are all concerned with the spiritual well-being of our community and care for each other in a very tangible manner. We try to respond lovingly to the needs and concerns of all people. We cater for all ages - with a creche when appropriate, an active Sunday School and a small Youth Group. We enjoy each other's company and together face the challenges and the joys of modern life.

There may be times when you feel the need to talk to someone, or maybe you want your child baptised, or are simply curious about Christianity, and want to explore it in a place where you do not feel pressurised. If so, come and join us on any Sunday at 09:30 or on a Tuesday at 10:30, or for the even quieter morning prayer on Thursdays at 09:00. For the time being, check these service details with our current page. Or you can always contact us by phone or email - see our contact page

Services and News

For information about this month's services and other events, please go to the page. And for information about the various ecumenical events in Linlithgow, and things organised by Linlithgow Church Forum, see both our Outreach Page and the Forum's website.


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